Date: July 2024

Who am I? My Story - The Dark Days

In many of my blogs I talk about my own personal experience of addiction, and yet I haven’t really spoken specifically about it, maybe snippets here and there.  So thought it is well overdue for me to tell you about my experience.  Looking back on it now, I say it was an unfortunate and fortunate […]

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Date: March 2024

Playing The Tape Forward

There is an endless list of tools and techniques for us to use for a whole range of challenges and self-development. From my personal experience, I found them to have too many steps or stages and found myself focusing more on the technical aspects than what I was using them for. Don't get me wrong […]

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Date: February 2024

Looking backward to move forward.

We tend to focus on the future, where we want to be, and what will it look like, and that tends to be mostly material things. The emotional side comes second place a lot, “I want to feel better about myself”, “I want to feel loved” or “I want to feel secure in my job”. […]

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Date: September 2023

Hope…..Even if it is a single thread, don’t let go of it.

I had one of those moments recently where I stopped and appreciated where I was in life.  It wasn’t planned or even expected, it was a very nice surprise.  No matter how many people tell us how well we are doing, it is not until we say it to ourselves does it sink in.  I […]

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Date: May 2023

The Humble Pork Pie

I'd like to tell you a story of where a thought about a humble pie took me. My brain never stops thinking of ideas: content for posts, how I can tweak techniques to suit a client, and the things I should be doing but am not. However, when it comes to Facebook lives, I have […]

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Date: January 2023

Some things don’t have an expiry date!

We are coming to the end of that period of the year when a lot of people go full-throttle into making the changes that they want to make. Usually, the same ones as last year, and the year before that. Rinse and repeat: lose weight, get fitter, save money, curb the drinking, the list is […]

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Date: December 2022

New Year’s resolutions: How the planning is the key to success.

Making New Year’s resolutions is very much a tradition. We make them with the best intentions, however, there is a chasm in the number of resolutions we make and those where the intended outcome matches our goals. We work on them for a period, but, with time, our efforts wane. Then, we give up; usually because we […]

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Date: November 2022

In times of Crisis, we could all do with some support.

With the current cost-of-living crisis and the looming spectre of recession, people tend to put engaging with therapy on the back burner.  As much as that can help with some of the stress of the situation in the near term, it will also make dealing with today’s challenges much harder in the future as it […]

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Date: February 2022

The Anonymous’ and their place in recovery.

As soon as someone admits that they have a problem with alcohol, the immediate go-to suggestion other than your GP tends to be AA (Alcohol Anonymous).  The Anonymous groups such as AA, Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Cocaine Anonymous (CA)and Overeaters Anonymous (OA) are a few of the 'fellowships' as they are known within the recovery community […]

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Date: January 2022

Is abstinence the only way?

January is the month when we all think about New Year’s resolutions which are often more about stopping something than starting something new. If giving up alcohol is on your mind then it’s natural to consider, "What will my life be like not drinking ever again?"     The Barriers This single question can fire up […]

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