I do receive referrals from various professionals for clients that are looking for an alternative approach. They could have been through the systems and services before and are willing to try something different than the services are unable to offer.

There are instances where the clients do not want to engage in services and would prefer support from a private therapist.  Hypnotherapy is predominantly the main therapy that I use, however, I am also able to provide other disciplines such as various coaching models, EFT, and auriculotherapy.

It could be that you are an HR Manager that has an employee that is needing some personal support, or maybe a mainstream medical/mental health professional where all other options have been explored e.g. physical pain that has been investigated and no cause can be found.

My passion is working with addiction, maybe you are a drug and alcohol service that has a client that has tried all the usual pathways, or that they do not want to engage with those, looking for alternative therapy.