"I reached out to Thomas realising I was falling into addiction. From the very first introductory phone call I felt able to be open and honest and was given hope that we could work through my issues to get me where I wanted to be.
Through a number of sessions his compassionate, entirely non-judgemental and friendly yet professional approach put me at ease and allowed me to work through my issues from root causes to dealing with my guilt and shame associated with my addiction.
Through his multi-faceted approach I was able to leave each session feeling progressively more hopeful to ultimately feeling that I had indeed, 'found myself again'. I never felt pressured for time and was frequently checked up on in between sessions.
To anyone struggling with addiction or other issues in their lives and seeking help, I can highly reccomend Thomas"


“Working with Thomas has changed my life! I have been aware I have had an issue with alcohol dependency for many years, and this had developed into a much bigger problem in recent years. It was affecting all parts of my life, my relationships were suffering, I was at risk of losing my house, debts were increasing, I had spent time in hospital with alcohol related injuries and had hit rock bottom with my mental health.

I had previously accessed various forms of counselling and therapy, all of which had been unsuccessful. Thomas is AMAZING! I immediately felt at ease with him, and I was able to discuss things without fear of judgement, just complete understanding. The sessions were incredibly powerful, allowing me to address and pinpoint issues regarding my anxiety and depression, as well as manage the psychological withdrawal from alcohol and rebuild areas of my life that had become damaged. In just four weeks I had begun to turn my life around.

My initial fears about the long hard battle I expected in turning my back on alcohol disappeared. With Thomas’ support and guidance, I have been able to change my life. I have been offered full time work in a job I love, I spend time with family and friends without alcohol controlling me, I’m in control of finances and have booked several holidays! None of this would have been possible without Thomas. I struggle to put into words how grateful I am to him. He’s a STAR!!"

"My treatments with Thomas were a success. I knew I drank too much alcohol having created this habit over many, many years. I am now freed of this unhelpful activity and cannot thank Thomas enough. I feel and look better than I have for years. Thank you so much."

"Thomas came to see me when I was at my lowest points.  I was stuck in what felt like a hole.  Struggling with addiction and ruining all my relationships with those close to me.  With his help and the help of hypnotherapy, I was able to this unhealthy cycle and find myself again.  Can't thank him enough for his help"

"Sessions with Thomas were great. So relaxed and chilled. It created the perfect environment for the therapy. Thomas is a top bloke and has also become a good friend. The follow-up care and his assurance is 2nd to none. I would recommend his therapy to anyone as he is a genuine chap who has time for anyone. Since seeing Thomas, I've reduced my alcohol intake and been able to control myself. What was a problem has now been made easier to control. I hope whoever reads this review trusts me. I'd have been a proper mess otherwise. Thanks again Tom"

"Thomas was fantastic at uncovering any early signs which could lead to how the addiction was born and with uncovering any personality traits that could lead to addiction. He makes the whole process very relaxed but with a great deal of focus. I couldn't recommend him highly enough."

"Now, I'm quite on the fence with stuff like this and I've known Tom many many years, yesterday I was going through morphine withdrawal because of a cock up with my gp, anyone who knows how awful this feels will understand my dilemma yesterday. Tom, called me when he saw my plight and said I'll come over, he talked to me briefly then to my amazement he hypnotised me! Never experienced anything like that before and it actually relieved the symptoms!  Today I am totally fine without any withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. Give this guy a try, totally amazing and very very good at what he does. Topman tom.   5 Ruby slippers from me kid"
- T. Priest-Senior

"After initially making contact with Thomas it was apparent immediately how approachable and down to earth he is, not in the least bit judgemental. As a mother with young children, being judged because I was looking for help to control my alcohol intake, was something I had been worried about."

We arranged the first session and chatted in detail. The next sessions included the hypnotherapy which Thomas performs in a way that makes the client feel completely at ease. I really enjoyed these sessions and felt very relaxed during and afterward, often even for a few days afterwards!

My treatments with Thomas were a success. I knew I drank too much alcohol having created this habit over many, many years. I am now freed of this unhelpful activity and cannot thank Thomas enough. I feel and look better than I have for years. Thank you so much."

Food & Weight

"Thomas came into my workplace and talked to us about stress management. He made such a good impression I looked him up to see if he could help me, I signed up to his The Make Food Your Friend course. Thomas is very friendly, approachable, and quickly put me at my ease.

Over the sessions Thomas has helped me address my relationship with food using hypnosis and a variety of other techniques. Whilst being professional and encouraging, helping me break the negative bad habits and reinforcing positive good habits. These have been invaluable in identifying my triggers which cause stress, therefore making bad choices with regards food.

The online audios are great support and have reinforced the important drivers that keep me focused, giving me the motivation, I need to take control. I have a much better understanding of my triggers and now have the tools to make important changes to my eating habits"
- Claudia De Martinoes


"I went to see Thomas 2 weeks ago to have hypnotherapy for smoking cessation. He is a very nice chap and he put me at ease straight away. I haven't had a cigarette since. I'm not going to lie,  the first week wasn't easy but Thomas was like a mentor,  he messaged me to see how I was getting on and once I admitted I was struggling sent me a recording which helped. I was still struggling a few days later so he sent me another recording to top up the session and it worked. I'm so much calmer now and not struggling at all. He's still checking up on me, it's great to know he has your back. If you're thinking of having hypnotherapy, I definitely recommend you go and see Thomas"

 "This wonderful man has helped me become a non smoker.....after 17 long years of a heavy 65 and no looking back. Without the session with Tomas I know I would never have stopped smoking. I am so thankful to you Tomas and wish you the very best."
- S.Hussain

"What can I say about Thomas. I didn’t know him, never met him, wasn’t recommended, I saw an advertisement on Instagram. Had a chat on the phone, made an appointment as he gained my trust and boy was I a happy man. Smoked 12 cigars a day and left our one and only session a non smoker. Has he helped me since, yes I struggled a little in the 3rd week and I’ve had a few other issues ( not related to smoking) and he has been there. A truly wonderful person who has had his own issues and overcome them all Would I recommend this person? Yes, I’d say he’s a complete gift and you’d be a fool not to trust him and let him help you , he’s wonderful and I wish him every success, he deserves it , thanks Thomas. I am happy to be contacted directly to verify everything I have said"
- A.Barton

"5 minutes in Thomas’s company and you feel like you’re best friends he puts you so much at ease you forget what you’re there for I’ve had hypnotherapy before to stop smoking but it didn’t work so i didn’t hold out much hope this time either I was fully aware of what was going on I just felt relaxed but could see images so vividly I had 1 session and don’t even think about having a cigarette at all. I don’t want one or need one I’ve had no withdrawal symptoms at all and saved so much money I also feel a lot healthier and don’t miss having to stand outside in the cold and rain thank you Thomas for literally saving my life let him save yours too"

“Following a conversation with a lady friend she suggested that I talked with Thomas, about my need to stop smoking. Having been a lifetime smoker 70yrs or so I was sceptical off what to expect, Following our first session I had this feeling of calm and strength to make my first step to being free from the ashtray habit, over the weeks that followed with Thomas's Guidance the task became easier .Now at this stage I am a none smoker, who can if I need enjoy a single cigarette in a day, gone are the days of needing a smoke or 20 in a day to others I say Try it to Thomas I say Thanks for sharing your gift with me with out with I could not have achieved this goal THANKS”

Mental Health

"Thomas is amazing after only one session I was like a different person. My friends noticed the huge difference & I cannot recommend him enough. Genuine, real down earth guy. He knows his stuff & is humble with it x  I love him   he has changed my world"
- A.Daley

“I started sessions with Thomas in July / Aug 2018 for anxieties/phobias. Thomas quickly helped me see that there was a deeper story behind the perceived anxieties. I was unhappy, I was still grieving the loss of my dad and I was stuck in a life that was suffocating me.

Through hypnotherapy Thomas made it a safe place for me to be vulnerable and real. Every session I left feeling better.

The before pic is probably me faking happiness and trying to hard. The after is me this weekend attending an event, talking to people and feeling confident in who I am.

My life has transformed in more ways than a typical hypnotherapy course would provide. Thomas has helped me with so much including pain control and smashing limiting beliefs and blockers! He is a true diamond and if you start sessions with him you know he has your back!”
- S.Shard

“Aww than you! Its done absolute wonders for me I cannot thank u enough its like uv found my old happy me again! Its like iv had such a release from Everything!!! N iv learnt to feel comfortable with my emotions n that its normal and its ok im not angry confused mess nemore I cannot believe how I feel from been in such a dark place”

“I was going to see Thomas for hypnotherapy before the current pandemic happened, and all I can say is wow! I never knew how much hypnotherapy could help and I've been to many different forms of therapy. I could not recommend him enough, not only is he amazing at what he does but he is such a lovely person which makes the sessions so much more comfortable relaxing. Thank you so much for all you've helped me with!”

“I’ve had 2 recent hypnotherapy sessions with Thomas, and all I can say is wow!

What a lovely caring person he is, from the hypnotherapy sessions themselves to the few days after - Thomas would message to see how I was getting on. He’s absolutely brilliant at what he does and I can not thank him enough for helping me through such a tough time!”


"The most simple and effective treatment. I have something I need to share. I have really sensitive skin .2 weeks ago I met Thomas who used the treatment Pain to go. I have been using a cream on my face for the last 3 to 4 days ......... that I haven’t been able to use ever. There’s not any irritation to my skin what so ever."
- K. Marsden

"Had a half hour session with Thomas to get rid of old pain. I’ve two disc problems in my lower back, I’ve had for 8 years. Definitely feel more flexible than I’ve done for years! Thank you Thomas xxx"
- N. Hart

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