By using and buying from this website you accept these terms and conditions. Please read them carefully before making any booking.


Hypnotherapy and OldPain2Go are all treatments that rely on the commitment and motivation from both the therapist and the client to get the best results. Part of the treatment occurs in the consulting room and part of the treatment is cognitive reflection or homework. As the client, when you agree to undertake a course of treatment you also agree to engage with the process, complete any homework that you are given and listen to the Take Home Therapy Audios provided at appropriate times. It is with commitment and partnership working that you will see the best results. Therapy is a team effort and I am committed to do my very best for you.

Therapy Sessions & Fees

Payment or deposits for either a session or a therapy package must be paid within 24 hours of an appointment being made. This is to show commitment to therapy. In the past I’ve had people book in and didn’t show up. I find that people who are committed, reliable and serious about getting the best results do not a have problem with this policy. Fees are payable at the time of booking within 24 hours of a session being booked by bank transfer or via PayPal.


You commit to attending the appointments that we make. There are two good reasons for this.

  1. Your attendance at the appointment is part of your commitment to the on-going treatment.
  2. If you do not cancel in a reasonable time then you have stopped someone else having that appointment.


It is important to understand that if you are taking medication for your issues that some medications have side effects that can affect the success of your therapy. Some medications can cause chemical reactions in the brain which may cause therapy to be ineffective. Please bear this in mind.

Sessions booked

Any sessions booked and paid for must be taken within 12 months of payment. Refunds will not be given for any sessions booked and not taken. A period of 48 hours of received payment will be given if you change your mind and a full refund will be given. After 48 hours no refund will be given.

Cancellation Policy

My cancellation policy requires at least 24 hours notice of cancellation via telephone, text or email. If an appointment is canceled with less notice then the full session fee will apply and you will lose your session. Please understand that when you forget or cancel your appointment without giving enough notice. I hope you understand that these policies are in place to protect my practice, I have no desire to use them. Thank you and I appreciate your understanding in these situations.

Arriving Late for an Appointment

If you are running late, please let me know as soon as possible. I will do my best to make a full session available, but this often depends on appointments subsequent to your booking and so cannot be guaranteed. If your session needs to be curtailed due to your late arrival then the session fee remains payable in full.


In order to ensure continued best practice everything you say will be treated in the strictest confidence with the following exceptions:

Self-Harm: I may need to contact your GP if it appears that you are suicidal or intend to carry out serious self-harm. I may request to contact any professional person such as Support Work/Social Worker or if you are currently seeing another therapist. Abuse or Injury to a Minor: I am legally required to report any abuse towards a minor to the appropriate authorities should you divulge any such information to me.

Standards of Behaviour

I undertake to treat you with respect and not to abuse the trust you put in me. I will use best practice at all times in our mutual interest. In return, you undertake not to harm yourself, or any other person, including me, or any property belonging either to me or any other person. You agree not to come to sessions under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs, except those medications prescribed by your doctor. If you do come to sessions under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs or demonstrate violent/abusive behavior, I reserve the right to cancel the session and refuse any further therapy sessions.

Data Storage/Privacy Statement

A Therapy Contract is signed prior to treatment commencing to provides permission for your personal data to be collected for the purpose of therapy to be stored both electronically and in paper format in line with General Data Protection Regulations. The data will be kept for 7 years in line with Beacon Hope Therapy insurance guidelines and deleted or destroyed after this time. Beacon Hope Therapy will not pass any of these details to any other other parties with prior consent.