To stop smoking cigarettes is not easy. It’s a common challenge that many of us face. If you have thought about quitting smoking before you may have tried to take part in campaigns like ‘Stoptober’ and they may have provided a temporary break but you then found yourself back where you started.

Hypnotherapy is a well-established technique that can help you to ditch the cigs and start feeling a healthier, happier life. If you have found yourself reading this page then it is safe to say that you are already aware of the health benefits of releasing your addiction to cigarettes such as improved lung function, reduced risk of cancer and heart disease and even just being able to walk or jog that bit further.

Smoking cigarettes is a lot more than just a nicotine addiction. For those who have smoked for a long period, there are many things associated with smoking. That first cigarette with your morning coffee,  when you get in your car after a long day at work, or even, having a cigarette socially when out with friends or family. This makes giving up much harder; the habit tends to become ingrained in your routines and day-to-day life.

Hypnotherapy can provide the help and support you need to stop smoking. However, it is not a magic wand, and to succeed it has to be your decision to quit. I have seen fantastic and really quick results with clients who have truly wanted to quit. If you can commit 100% to giving up, then we will work together to change your mindset and your feelings towards smoking.

If your smoking habit includes the use of cannabis this package will also help.

Client Testimonial

“This wonderful man has helped me become a non-smoker… after 17 years of a heavy habit… day 65 and no looking back. Without the session with Thomas I know I would have never stopped smoking. I am so thankful to you Thomas and wish you the very best.”

What to expect from my Stop Smoking Approach:

  • An initial telephone consultation
  • 2 x 90-minute sessions
  • Take-home audio files
  • One follow-up session (90 minutes)
  • Optional Auriculotherapy* for in-person clients only

*Auriculotherapy is a form of the ancient Chinese medicine of acupuncture that involves using tiny semi-permanent needles to pin to various points of the ear. There are 300 points on the ear that represent the various organs, muscles and skeleton parts and is a specific Nicotine point that has been found to assist with reducing the urge to smoke. For in-person clients, part of the session can include this as an additional boost to hypnotherapy.