More commonly nowadays, the use of drugs is becoming more acceptable and depending on your social circle it may be just part of your everyday life. No one chooses to become a drug addict, but as with other addictions, this can start as an occasional act that becomes habitual. Like gambling, addiction to drugs (legal or illegal) can quickly spiral out of control due to the impact it can have on your finances and health. As with any addiction, it is not the substance itself that you become addicted to but how it makes you feel. This can be the pleasure or it can be the numbing of emotional or physical pain.

Whatever you are addicted to, we can apply a similar thought process and we use the cycle of addiction to help clients to understand this and to help them to know they are not alone.

addiction therapy

There are many ways that hypnosis can help you to break free from this cycle. Working together, we can identify and avoid triggers (whether they’re people, places or things). We’ll look at how to cope with cravings. You’ll begin to understand that getting a “fix” from your substance provides only temporary relief and that it’s not long before the negative consequences of your addictive behaviour set in. Finally, we aim to eliminate the shame, guilt and suffering that you feel as a result of your actions.

Have you found yourself in a difficult situation through using illegal or prescription drugs?

Most people associate drug addicts with the visual of someone unconscious from the latest hit however, addiction to prescription drugs can become as destructive to your life. You might be functioning but unhappy and looking to change. It could be that you feel cracks are starting to appear and you feel that you are starting to feel out of control either from the root cause or your ability to not give in to your cravings.

Client Testimonial

“Thomas came to see me when I was at my lowest point. I was stuck in what felt like a hole. Struggling with addiction, and ruining all my relationships with those close to me. With his help and the help of hypnotherapy, I was able to see this unhealthy cycle and find myself again. Can’t thank him enough for his help.”

Experiences from your past can often manifest themselves as physical pain. Using different techniques, clients have been able to release their reliance on prescription drugs to be able to live a pain-free life. You can check out our Pain Relief page.

The best people to help you to take back control from addiction are recovered addicts themselves. As a recovering alcohol and drug addict, I have been where you are now and know how dark it can get. Only somebody who has experienced the same thoughts and feelings can understand what you’re going through. Recovering from any kind of addiction is a difficult and sometimes lengthy process. There might be relapses. There will be tears. There will be setbacks and difficulties. As your therapist and someone passionate about helping others to find their release from the grips of addiction, we will work together to change your mindset, eliminating any fear and weakness and replacing them with confidence, hope and yes, happiness.