Is your weight, size or shape on your mind?  Maybe you want to lose that few pounds for a holiday or that you find your clothes just getting a little tighter?.  If so, being very honest with you, this may not be the program for you.  The program is to help people where their eating habits are having a long term negative impact on their life.

Have you over the years you have been using food as a coping strategy? Maybe you have just got into unhealthy habits? become more and more unhappy and uncomfortable to the point it is having a negative impact on your life.

Make Food Your Friend is designed to help those people that use food as I mentioned above, as a strategy or unhealthy habit.  Over the years you have tried various diets or the latest fad.  Probably losing the weight, then it comes straight back and then some.  I hate to tell you, food is not the problem, the underlying issues are, and until they have been resolved you may continue to yoyo.

 “I've found that I haven't 'needed' to eat junk when I've had a bad day and I can control the 'mindless snacking' by the 'stop look listen' techniques.  I haven't 'pigged out' after weighing in (like I would normally do) because I've omitted those foods trying to lose weight and therefore left feeling deprived. No foods are off limit I've learned to eat less, stop when I'm full and challenge myself as to whether I really need the biscuit.”

The program has 4 core principles:

      • Eat when you are hungry, stop when are full
      • Choose healthy options
      • Drink more water
      • More Physical Movement

'The first eat when you're hungry, stop eating when you are full' - Just like a baby, cries when hungry, then push the bottle away. We still have them behaviours in our subconscious we simply reignite them.

‘Choose healthy options’ – When we tell ourselves that we cannot have something we want it more, then when we have it, we feel guilty.  There are not foods off limits here, obviously the healthier the choices you make the sooner you will achieve your desired goal.

‘Drink more water’ – Drinking more water is one of the best things that we can do to help reduce our size and shape.  It helps us to feel fuller, we can substitute water for that unhealthy and often not needed a snack.  Water helps our body to function better also.

‘Move more' (physical movement) – If you are not comfortable with your size and shape, the thought of donging on the lyrca to hit the gym, or go for a run is very daunting.  Maybe you just do not like exercise.  This element is just about moving more, putting more movement into your everyday routine. You will be surprised how many steps when can add with just a few tweaks.

By dealing with the underlying issue, we can make food your friend again, not a foe.  The Make Food Your Friend programme is not a diet, it is not calorie counting. It is a program that changes your relationship with food. It will encourage you to eat healthily, however, you can still eat all the foods you enjoy, only the therapy will help you enjoy that food even more, by not eating too much. What it is NOT is a magic wand, you have work to put in, I offer tools and suggestions, many tweak them so that they work the best for them.  It is not a sprint, with a slower gradual reduction, your body has time to adjust and as it is not a diet its does not end.  And the results are much more sustainable.

For in-person appointments, I offer Auriculotherapy at no additional cost.

*Auriculotherapy is a form of the ancient Chinese medicine of acupuncture that involves stimulating various points of the ear. There are 300 points on the ear that represent the various organs, muscles and skeleton parts and as part of the session can be an additional boost to hypnotherapy