Depression is dormant, low energy and motivation, lack of interest and wants to sleep a lot,  do nothing and nothing can happen – Stuck focusing on the past.

I know what it feels like to have been in bed for days at a time, then busy rushing around doing things that are not that important, yet ignoring the important things.   The ironic thing is that the feelings you experience can fuel the condition itself, so it is always spiralling,  the less you do the worse you feel. It is like being on a roundabout with no exits.

As with all my work, I aim to reach the root cause of the issue for the client so we can remove the feelings and emotions that are connected with that event, that programme. When we experience different feelings and emotions, both the positive and the negative it is our brain's way of sending us a message.  If we didn’t experience a various range of emotions, we would not know what we like, what we don’t like, we would not become aware of perceived threats. So these messages have a clear purpose.

There may be obvious reasons for someone to feel ‘depressed’ such as bereavement, relationship issues or even struggles coping with everyday life. There may also be underlying reasons that can relate to issues or incidents in your past, sometimes even from childhood. Through a combination of listening, understanding and utilising the different tools I can offer we will together work through these issues to be able to provide you with a level of freedom.

Client Testimonial

“Aww than you! Its done absolute wonders for me I cannot thank u enough its like uv found my old happy me again! Its like iv had such a release from Everything!!! N iv learnt to feel comfortable with my emotions n that its normal and its ok im not angry confused mess nemore I cannot believe how I feel from been in such a dark place”

I always get asked, “how many sessions will I need?” Everyone has different experiences and so whilst I will tailor therapies for each client I can't tell you how many sessions upfront. What I can say is that it is weeks rather than months.

I remember my depression; not able to explain how I felt or even understand why I felt the way I did. The more I tried to speak to people about it, the more I felt there was something wrong with me, something more sinister. And the feeling that no one understood how I felt was lonely. This is a big part of my personal WHY I chose to become a therapist. I know how it feels. I know the release that can come from a client finally feeling like they understand the root cause of their issues. It's like a moment of clarity, the light bulb switches on and they feel reassured and relieved. The next step is to provide them with tools to help them to cope in the future as life will always continue to turn up.

So if you are struggling to feel motivated, are lacking interest in things that usually spark joy or you are feeling stuck then you may be suffering from depression or low mood and a combination of therapies I offer may help you to overcome these feelings.

For in-person appointments, I offer Auriculotherapy at no additional cost.

*Auriculotherapy is a form of the ancient Chinese medicine of acupuncture that involves stimulating various points of the ear. There are 300 points on the ear that represent the various organs, muscles and skeleton parts and as part of the session can be an additional boost to hypnotherapy