Some businesses and organisations are opening up to inviting external support to help with a wide range of areas that teams are looking for development.  As an external person, I can be an impartial element in that process.  It can be on an individual basis, or as group workshops.

It could be that you have an employee that is being held back by low self-esteem/belief or there may be confidence issues.  I have worked with people that run small businesses as a sole trader that are looking to grow and expand, however, they needed some support to explore areas that may be holding them back or to think outside the box.

What I offer is not business advice perse, it is more helping someone to look at the blocks and obstacles in the way from a psychological perspective.  Using the various disciplines, I can help clients understand aspects that may be held within their Subconscious.  I am a trained NLP Coach as well as a Recovery Coach, I have found the Recovery Coach methodology and approach is very transferrable to help people in many different areas.

As well as offering support to people with businesses with work-related issues, I also can provide support to individuals on a private basis with personal issues.  It is becoming ever more popular that businesses provide a space for a therapist to come into the business to be available onsite for employees for those private (self-paid) sessions, they can also take place online or in my office also.