The ethos to I apply to my work is to help people in the best way I can, I specialise in addictions, and approach that that from a ‘lived experience’ perspective.  I often hear clients say “you get it”.  Part and parcel of addiction is issues with mental health and that took me to some dark places.

I coin the phrase “I help people find themselves again”.  Having lost myself, and then finding myself again, I was still me, just an updated version, I was not starting from nothing, I was starting from experience.  No one is ever a lost cause. Providing tools for clients to use in the future, as life will continue to turn up.

There are more details in My Story (Link) about how addiction took over my life.  Thankfully, I came out the other side, I refer to that as being like a blank canvas.  Early into my recovery I had some hypnotherapy myself and fell in love with it and decided to train.  I qualified in 2017 and since then have trained in other disciplines.

I was born and bred in Huddersfield.  In my previous career before becoming a therapist I worked in Catering and Hospitality at management level ranging from Front of House Manager in a 5 Star Hotel to Events Manager for an outside catering company.

I pride myself on being an open book, and that often resonates with clients.  I am down to earth, compassionate, and empathetic.  I am also frank and to the point.  I will comfort and support you when needed and challenge when needed.   I ask for just two things from a client, honesty, and a desire for change, with them together we can make amazing changes.

Mission Statement

To empower people to achieve freedom through difficult times, by supporting them. By identifying the individual struggles and root causes, working together in partnership to achieve resolution and change. To help people find themselves again and live the life they deserve.

Core Values

Independence: To help a person break free and be comfortable with themselves as an individual.

Belonging: To help a person to feel they are good enough.

Honesty: To help a person to face and accept the truth.

Willingness: To support and person’s desire for change.

Pride: To enjoy the success of a person stepping into their own strength.

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